Pit Streaming & Internet Access


St Joe District 2020 again have wired our pits for networking.  In each pit you will find a ethernet cable connection.

We encourage the teams to use this wired ethernet connection and not the schools WIFI.  This wired connection can serve multiple computers by adding a network switch.  Please do not connect your own “Hot-spot” to the network as this will break things and is against FIRST rules!

This new wired network has web access and 3 internal video streams

Stream #1 HD Full switched video feed from the field with scoring overlay (same feed as big screens in the gym)

Stream #2 HD Fixed wide shot of the field with scoring overlay (same feed as the FIM stream)

Stream #3 team ranking feed (same as shown on ranking screen)

To view the streams please download the attached shortcuts and follow these procedures:

  1. Ensure you have VLC installed (https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html)
  2. Download the attached Shortcuts
  3. Double-click the shortcut of the stream you would like to view
  4. If you want to view multiple streams, you must open additional streams by going to the File>Open File Menu and selecting the additional shortcuts

If you are not using the Stream shortcuts and want to manually connect to the streams. Please use the following procedures:

  1. Ensure you have VLC installed (https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html)
  2. Launch VLC and go to File>Open Network
  3. Enter the following in the URL field:

Stream 1 Switched:         udp://

Stream 2 wide shot:         udp://

Stream 3 ranking:            udp://

If you are having trouble viewing the streams, it is likely because of multiple NICs in your computer. If your computer has multiple NICs (i.e. Wireless and Wired), please ensure the wired connection is the only “Connected” interface when opening the streams. Once the stream is up and running, it should be okay to reconnect any secondary NICs.

Enjoy the game